Acoustica Mixcraft 8 b418 Update
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12/13/18 Mixcraft 8.1 Build 418

  • Fix for plugin issues where the plugin would grow in size by repeated showings.

11/29/18 Mixcraft 8.1 Build 415

  • Fixed Melodyne bugs related to the new Melodyne 4.2
  • Fixed bug #10112. Undo of lane was creating double the slots.
  • Fixed problem where sidechain controls can move offscreen when in 2 line mode.
  • Fixed rounding error when at a tempo that can cause rounding errors. fix for bug #10214
  • Fix for removing time...not cutting clips that are barely selected.
  • Fix for not being able to delete some markers sometimes
  • Fixed issue with error dialog - attempting to write to a nullptr errorlog during mix down. now we display an error dialog if any plugins or anything went wrong during mixdown.
  • Potential fix for VST3 plugins when changing sample rate or buffer size of audio device.
  • Fix for bug #10158 - crash when bouncing a frozen track.
  • Fix for bug 10105 - dragging effects to hidden tracks. We now no longer allow drops on hidden tracks. DOH
  • Fix for bug 10199 - never ending loop looking for effect for audio control
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