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Mac OS X support - run AudioDesk on the world's most advanced computer operating system.
Support for multiple MOTU CoreAudio drivers - operate MOTU PCI and FireWire audio hardware products simultaneously with AudioDesk. For example, you can use your MOTU 828 FireWire audio interface together with your MOTU 2408mk3 PCI audio interface.
Support for Mac OS X's Audio MIDI Setup utility - Enjoy universal MIDI system management. AudioDesk shares a common studio setup with all of your Mac OS X MIDI applications for AudioDesk's MIDI Machine Control and MIDI sync features.
Multiprocessor support - AudioDesk now doubles the available processing power for plug-ins on any dual-processor Macintosh.
Collect audio data for backup - The "Save As" and "Save a Copy As" commands have a "Duplicate audio data" option that automatically collects all audio files, fades, crossfades, and PureDSP analysis files associated with the project and puts them together in a folder. It doesn't matter where the original files are: they could be scattered over several hard drives. But AudioDesk faithfully finds them and assembles them into one folder. You can then backup, transfer, compact or otherwise handle the project as a single folder with the complete assurance that all associated files are right there in the folder.
Ten levels of undo - AudioDesk remembers your last ten undo operations so you can feel free to experiment with your editing. The undo history window display the 10-step undo history at a glance and lets you jump instantly to any location in the history.
New plug-ins - All of AudioDesk's included plug-ins have been given a whole new sleek look. And you get several new plug-ins that you'll be able to put to use immediately. The new Multimode Filter provides resonant filter effects, much like a modular synthesizer. The Plate reverb provides exceptionally smooth reverb with up to a minute of reverb time. The Trim plug-in allows you to match gain, alter stereo channel imaging and provides precise metering of audio signals. Quan Jr. provides on-the-fly bit reduction for a wide array of "bit crusher" effects. A new Ring Modulator is also included.
Enhanced menu organization - enjoy greater ease of use and faster operation. For example, all project-related commands, such as adding tracks, are now consolidated into the Project menu.
Commands System - Expanded customizable keyboard shortcuts – AudioDesk’s ‘Remote Controls’ feature has been greatly expanded into the ‘Commands’ window, which lets you assign computer keystrokes to virtually any function in AudioDesk. The Commands window allows you to completely customize your computer keyboard interaction with the software.
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