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Introducing BPM 1.5

Experience all that's new
in BPM 1.5, including the sounds of 80 classic
drum machines, hundreds
of new kits & patterns,
FlexLoops™ and more.
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BPM basics & sounds

Get a quick overview of BPM's basic operation. Hear and see BPM's extensive sound library and convenient browsing features.
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Beat production

Watch how easy it is to make your own beats.
Get a taste of BPM's beat
slicing and other advan-
ced features.
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Loops, phrases and instruments

Learn how to add loops, phrases, and instruments such as bass, keyboards, and other instruments to your mix.
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Mixing, effects and song-building

See how easy it is to mix your production, add advanced effects processing, and then build an entire song in seconds.
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Setting up a hardware controller for BPM

It's easy to set up your favorite hardware con-
troller for a hands-on
beat-making experience
with BPM. This video
shows you how.
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Using your favorite controller with BPM

There's nothing more gratifying than banging out your own beats in BPM using your favorite MIDI controller. This video shows you how.
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BPM FlexLoops™

FlexLoops are unique to BPM. What are they? And how do they give you complete control over your beats? Watch and learn.
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