MOTU Electric Keys – MP3-Beispiele

Wide Open (Fred Vitani)
Electric pianos (Classic and Reed) & Organs
Funky Board (Guillaume Roussel)
Funky Clavs & Keyboard Bass
Apple Pie (Fred Vitani)
Tape Sampler (flute, strings & choir) & Electric Organs
Pink Airness (Fred Vitani)
Tape Sampler (choirs and strings), String Machines, Electric Organs & Electric Pianos
Electric Freestyle (Guillaume Roussel)
Sounds from every category – apart from the drums, all sounds come from Electric Keys
Tiny Bug (Fred Vitani)
Classic Electric Piano, String Machine & Tape Sampler
Little Mellotron Fugue (Jim Crocini)
All of the Tape Sampler sounds in contrapuntal harmony
Ben's Electrosonic (Benoit Henriot)
Sounds from every category – apart from the drums and staccato strings, all sounds are from Electric Keys
Million Dollar Child (Jim Crocini)
Features sounds from the Reed Electric Pianos, Classic Electric Pianos, and Keyboard Bass soundbanks
Dewdrops (Jim Crocini)
A variety of presets from the Rare & Bonus Keyboards soundbank, featuring presets from Lambda Keys and GS Sounds
Bos Taurus (Scott Kinsey)
Keyboard Bass, String Machines, and Classic Electric Organ banks. Drums are from MachFive, percussion and vocals from Ethno Instrument
Jam Session (Jim Crocini)
A wide range of keyboards, pianos and organs
Memory Lane (Jim Crocini)
Uses all Classic Electric Pianos from 1975 to 1984
Electric Road (Scott Kinsey)
Rhodes sounds, with a wah-wah effect from a bandpass filter. More Electric Keys sounds are from the Funky Clavs and Reed Electric Piano banks. Bass and drum loops from MachFive, percussion and vocals from Ethno Instrument.