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The smart and unique solution devoted to early music notation. Version 2

Medieval 2. By Robert Piéchaud.
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You can download and try Medieval 2 right away, keeping in mind that running Medieval 2 in demo mode has a few limitations: the neume recognition is limited to 3 notes, and you can perform only a limited number of Medieval operations per Finale session. Of course, all Medieval’s features are unlocked upon purchasing a license.

The Medieval 2 user interface for Windows and Macintosh consists 8 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish... and Latin!
November 2
Music Font for Finale.
By Robert Piéchaud.
Finale v27
Music Notation Software.
For Windows & Mac.
Finale v26
Praxis für Fortgeschrittene.
Tutorial Books (German).
Finale v26
Einstieg in die Praxis.
Tutorial Books (German).
Deutscher Liederschatz 2.0.
German Song Collection for Finale.
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